Step by Step
How Do You Consult a Doctor?
Preliminary Influenza Assessment

All patients will have their body temperature checked. They will also need to fill the “Influenza H1/ H5 Assessment Form”. Those with compatible clinical features and epidemiological links would receive clinical management as instructed by the government.


Every patient should get a numbered ticket on the reception desk. The reception staff will proceed to registration in numerical order. Hong Kong identity card, birth certificate or valid travel document should be presented.

Preliminary Assessment by Nurse

Nurses will carry out a preliminary assessment of the patient’s condition. Patients will have their vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature checked.

Waiting for Consultation

Before the consultation, patients will stay in the waiting area opposite to the Nurses Station.


As arranged by our nurses, patients are ushered into the consultation room to see the doctors.


Injections are carried out in the injection room.

Special Conditions

In a case of emergencies, such as accidental injury, burn, and fracture, consultation will be carried out in the treatment room as arranged by our nurses.

Payment & Medicine Collection

After consultation, patients who need medications are directed to the waiting area opposite to the pharmacy. The pharmacy is where patients make payment for the consultation and medication. It is also where they collect their medicines. Our staff at the pharmacy will explain to patients on the medication directions and the side effects of the medicines if there is any.

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