How can I contact your clinic?

(1) You can call our Central Clinic (2889 6999) or TST Clinic (2889 6900) in office hour

(2) email

(3) Fax 3007 7482

(4) Hotline/WhatsApp/WeChat +(852) 6511 8000

  How can I submit a claim to my insurance company?

Your invoice contains all the information your insurance company needs to process your claim and can be submitted directly to your insurance carrier. If you would like us to submit the health insurance claim on your behalf, you can either fill out the back of your invoice and send us the form with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card, or and we will file a claim for you.

 Have you received payment from my insurance carrier?

We have found it can take up to two weeks for insurance companies to issue and mail insurance payments after they have sent the patient an explanation of benefits. We will gladly put a 30 day hold on your account once you contact us that payment has been sent. You can contact us by email, by call Central Clinic (2889 6999) or TST Clinic (2889 6900) or use standard mail.

 Clarification of the diagnosis?

Due to patient confidentiality we cannot discuss diagnosis issues on the phone. You can email us at or fax your question to +(852) 3007 7482 We will forward your concerns to the attending physician for clarification.

 Can I get a copy of my chart?

We do not have your official medical records in our office. You can contact the clinic you were treated in for a copy of the complete medical record.

  How do I contact the doctor who treated me?

Our doctors of the Emergency Department are in duty roaster, they do not have office hours. You can send any correspondence to the billing office and our staff will forward your concerns to the attending physician. Please mail your correspondence to the clinic or email at

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