Chartered air ambulance


We Offer Domestic and International Air Ambulance Service

For patients requiring urgent care, the appropriate choice is transport by air ambulance flight. With doctors, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatric specialists and critical care paramedics on staff, EMCHK offers bedside to bedside service to critically ill patients in need of medical air transport.

When Air Ambulance is the Appropriate Choice

Air ambulance transport is the fastest method of transporting critically ill patients from one facility to another, or to bring them closer to loved ones. This is particularly important for international air ambulance transports, when it is necessary to fly a patient long distances with the assistance of qualified medical staff.

Our aero-medically trained team, combined with the most sophisticated air ambulance equipment, ensures competent care for the most critically ill patients. There are only a few conditions that prohibit air ambulance transport:

•Patients in labor
•Patients who have had heart surgery within 24 hours of the flight
•Patients with unstable vital signs

Medical Escort via Air

Medical Air Escort is a great alternative if the patient is in stable enough condition to sit during take-off and landing and has a limited need for oxygen. The patient flies comfortably in First Class or Business Class on a major commercial airline and is under constant care of at least one member of the EMCHK medical team. If the departing and arrival cities are major hubs for the airlines, direct flights of relatively short duration are often available.

An additional benefit: the cost of this medical transport service is significantly less than air ambulance service via private aircraft.


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